“Live life holistically. Invest in relationships: with God, other humans as well as with nature.
Integral ministry - holistic mission.
Ministering to the context, while wholly serving God!

Biblical foundation - applicable framework.

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448 pages.

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Dr. Chris Wright - International Ministries Director, Langham Partnership

André Jansen has done a very thorough job 
of surveying key concepts from the biblical foundations for understanding and practising integral mission. His study opens a surprising range of biblical words and connects them to several strands of contemporary missiological discourse – including scholars who support or critique the theological case for holistic mission. Jansen himself builds a strong case supporting the view of mission that has shaped the DNA of the Lausanne Movement and, more recently, the Micah Network and like-minded churches and agencies.

Sheryl Haw – International Director, Micah Global (www.micahglobal.org)

André’s approach has itself been a demonstration of integration – he is a pastor, minister, missionary, theologian, practitioner and a researcher. He brings together theology and praxis and helps us dig deeper into what this looks like in our everyday lives and mission. Heart, hands & voices gives us 
a clear integral approach, rooted in God’s Word, informing what we do and say, with the Holy Spirit being the source of life, transformation, and the sign of the Kingdom of God.

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Published August 2017 @ Buijten & Schipperheijn motief, Amsterdam, Netherlands, € 39,50 excl postage


and Amazon,  $57.58  + $3.99 shipping

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