Response to 'Heart, hands & voices'

Both Matthew 11: 1 – 5 and Matthew 25: 31 – 43 record the direct words of Jesus to His church and both passages affirm in the strongest possible terms the intimate connection of what Harvie Conn called “Doing Justice and Preaching Grace.”  But Christ’s church continues to struggle to understand and to implement all that is involved God own mission of redeeming His people and His creation.  André Jansen's book, HEART, HANDS AND VOICES, provides superb biblical insight into this mission and offers concrete examples of how Christ’s people may and must be involved in accomplishing it.  Those for whom the gathering  described in Matthew 25: 31 - 32 seems important will find Dr. Jansen’s book extraordinarily helpful.

Dr. Samuel Logan, President Emeritus of Westminster Theological Seminary (PA); Associate International Director of the World Reformed Fellowship

The biblical notion of mission is inherently holistic. Today, in keeping with this reality, there is a growing acknowledgment worldwide of the need for holistic approaches in delivering the Gospel.

Developed out of his Ph.D. studies at the Missiology Department at the Faculty of Theology of the North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa, Andre Jansen’s Heart, hands & voices is a well-researched book that explores in detail the biblical and theological foundations of holistic mission.

In this book, Jansen puts forward a workable model for an integrated mission for churches and missionary organizations based on God’s call to glorify Him by living as responsible stewards of a free and healthy community. As such, undoubtedly, Heart, Hands & voices is a much-needed resource to believers worldwide and a value-added resource to the global Church.

Godfrey Yogarajah, Deputy Secretary General, World Evangelical Alliance

"An empty stomach has no ears". This statement, attributed to an African theologian, makes clear that witnessing to the Gospel should happen holistically, with a view to the entire human being in all of his or her relationships - including the natural environment. André Jansen, whom I have the privilege to know as a passionate pastor and evangelist, has written a thorough study by which he not merely roots integral mission into practical needs, but into deep Biblical reflection. Considering the theological debates around mission and social service within the Evangelical community, this book is a welcome contribution both to this Evangelical discussion and to the wider missiological debate. I warmly recommend it.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Paas, J.H. Bavinck Professor of Missiology and Intercultural Theology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Professor of Missiology at Theologische Universiteit Kampen, the Netherlands 

Through HEART, HANDS & VOICES.  God's mission - Integrating Word and deeds, dr. André Jansen made an important contribution to construct a cognitive framework for integral mission, especially in a trans-cultural context. In this book, based on his thorough research through the PhD program of the Missiology Department at the Faculty of Theology of the North-West University (Potchefstroom, South Africa), Jansen succeeded to construct a workable cognitive framework that could facilitate fundamental and practical reflection and actions for most missionary projects. The investigation utilized extended research, interviews and examinations of case studies worldwide, while concentrating on an African community as example. It was done from a reformed basis, focussing on the fulfilment of Gods calling to glorify him by living freely as responsible stewards - in our relationships as well as in our productivity. The book highlights biblical principles and resulted in a paradigm that contribute to the integration of Word and deeds (holistic mission).
Prof. Dr. Henk Stoker, Director of Post Graduate studies, Faculty of Theology, North-West University.

This book developed out of the PhD doctoral research of Dr. André Jansen. As I was supervising his research I realized that he is calling attention to very vital principles that are of global relevance for missions, community development organizations and practitioners. I therefore encouraged him to rework the material to make it accessible to a wider circle of interested readers that may use it for enrichment of their ministries in God’s worldwide kingdom. I am so glad that he took up the challenge and with the assistance of Claude Vosloo, who is a very experienced text mentor, tertiary consultant, and knowledge practitioner, rewrite and reformat the whole PhD research project into this manual format.

I had the privilege to work with Dr. André Jansen for a few years in his doctoral research that has led to this publication. My sincere prayer is that the Lord may use this fruit of André’s writing to help the Bride of Christ to be the hands and the feet and the compassionate heart of Jesus Christ. In this way, may it obey the instruction of Jesus: “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” (Mt 5:16).

Prof. Dr. Flip Buys, International Director, World Reformed Fellowship

Originating from the secular social development sector, I am assured (once more) by Dr. André Jansen's book - "Heart, Hands & Voices," that when God is not the total compass, social development cannot succeed. On the other hand, Dr. Jansen illustrates through practical missionary examples from KwaNdebele, how the adage taught in James 2:15-17, that faith without works is "dead" - is critical in fulfilling God's Missio-Dei - as demonstrated and taught ultimately by Christ. I highly recommend this book to both secular and Christian poverty alleviation practitioners, believing that the holistic approach presented by Dr. Jansen is the correct approach. I look forward to studying the book thoroughly, and applying it’s principals to my own ministry.
Guy Stubbs, Director of African Honey Bee

The passion of Dr. André Jansen regarding missions is so glaring when you read this book. Its almost as if one is reading an x-ray scan so to speak, of his spiritual heart. He has captured in a way the elusive concept holistic missions, namely – word and deed, and has shown not only the need thereof but practical possibility thereof as well. I have no doubt that this book will go a long way in addressing some of the age-old misconceptions regarding missions, whether it be at home or overseas.

I can also see it igniting a passion in the churches which traditionally have received missionaries to also be mission-sending churches without having to commit the same mission field mistakes of the past. I hope the Lord will bless this book and use it as a valuable tool for training would-be missionaries, as well as for awareness in the churches of how to do mission in a Christ- centered manner.

Rev Isaac Maleke
, Dean of Students
Mukhanyo Theological College, South Africa

I first had the pleasure of meeting Dr André Jansen in 2015 when he contacted Micah to be a part of the research and interview process for his thesis and now book on Heart, Hands, Voices: God’s Mission – Integrating Words and Deeds. Then again André joined Micah at our 6th Global Triennial Consultation in September 2015 where we gathered from around the world to explore them theme: Integral Mission and Shalom: justice, peace and joy. At this Consultation André presented an extract from his evolving research entitled Integral mission and shalom: Scriptural reflection and case study towards an operational model. It was here that we first glimpsed the Heart, Hands, Voices Model and recognised the important and contributing work André was doing to theologically and practically take our shared conviction about the importance of integral mission to the vital grass root application.

André’s approach has itself been an demonstrating of integration – he is a pastor, a minister, a missionary, a theologian, a practitioner and a researcher. David prayers for a united or undivided heart (Psalm 86:11), Paul points further to this integration in Colossians 3:17: whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of Jesus. André brings together theology and praxis and helps us dig further into what this looks like in our everyday life and mission. Integral mission is intrinsic to a life of faith which seeks to be authentic, holistic and obedient to the Lord. The biggest hurdle to the Gospel today are people calling themselves Christian and not living this out. We need to re thinking through our faith, re think what church and mission is, as we let God’s Missional Word transform our lives, strengthen our love, and inspire our action in word and deed. Heart, Hands and Voices gives us a clear integral approach, rooted in God’s Word, informing what we do and say, with the Holy Spirit being the source of life, transformation, and the sign of  the Kingdom of God.

Sheryl Haw, International Director, Micah Global (

André Jansen is my friend and my pastor. During the years of his doctoral study I have seen and felt his joy in discovering more and more that the work of the Christian mission is not our work, but really God’s work: Missio Dei.

Serious as André took his study, it was not merely a personal scientific project to him. Moreover he experienced it as a spiritual journey that had to be fruitful for the Church. In this respect he was (and is) quite ambitious. It is his heart’s desire that our local congregation learns more and more about God’s plan of salvation, for both our personal lives and mankind; this desire defines his ministry in our – steadily growing – congregation and colours his sermons. But he also longs for his study efforts to be of practical importance for our denomination (CGKN) and even the worldwide Body of Christ.

And I believe it is…

That is why Heart, Hands and Voices, with its focus on biblical key concepts, is not just an important study or an interesting book. It is in fact an indispensable must-read for every Christian who has an earnest wish to get a better understanding of God’s plan with his life and with the world.

André Rouvoet, Former Vice Prime-Minister of the Netherlands and former Party-leader of the ChristianUnion

It is my privilege to warmly endorse the book by my friend Dr. André Jansen, 'Heart, hands and voices - God's mission: integrating Word and deeds'. Integrating God's mission into life - holistic, contextual guidance for missionary practitioners.

The first version I read it was his PhD thesis in Afrikaans (2015, Potchefstroom): 'n HOLISTIESE PERSPEKTIEF OP DIE MISSIO DEI. We've exchanged experiences and thoughts since then, and travelled to Uganda as members of a group with TEAR (Tear Fund), in June, 2016.
What particularly impressed me was the combination of scholarly treatise and biblical theology, and the easy-going style which makes it accessible for a broader audience.
It is my hope that this book, and perhaps others still forthcoming by this author, will gave a positive influence on worldwide missiological views and practices.

Henk P. Medema, LLM, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, former publisher with UITGEVERIJ MEDEMA & ROYAL JONGBLOED PUBLISHERS, the Netherlands

In his book, Andre opens our eyes to see that on being missional is about carrying our crosses and following the resurrected Jesus Christ outside the camp. It is about mirroring the missional heart of the Missionary God holistically.  All believers are called and endowed with the gift of the Holy Spirit and all other necessary gifts to enable them to serve as instruments in the hands of God  by ministering to the felt needs of their communities daily. In this way, they are able to replicate the compassion of God and act justly towards those who are in the trenches, both spiritually and physically. This book succeeds in calling the church to embrace the ecclesiology that is both missional and encountering.

Prof Thinandavha Derrick Mashau, A lead pastor of New Life City Church in Sunnyside  (Pretoria) and a Full Professor of Missiology at the University of South Africa.