A small glimpse of many more excellent pictures published in the book. They explain principles and applications of holistic-/integral mission.

Photographer: Guy Stubbs ©

p239 22c Containing the context gives birth to the right approach

Context ©

Containing the context gives birth to the right approach.

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Preaching the Gospel ©

Sermons connecting closer to the lives of the listeners.

p375 30b

Praying ©

Holistic prayer is essential to holistic ministry.

p79 6

Basic necessity ©

Clean and accessible water is a basic necessity of life.

p226 19a ancestral worshipping

Ancestral worship ©

Ancestral worship is a highly complex problem. Syncretism stems from a blending of Traditional African Religion with Christian idiologies.

p21 32a

Schooling for orphans ©

Schooling for orphans has a high priority.

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Providing food

Providing the poorest of poor families with basic food supplies.

p170 10a Dr Neverdie ancestors in pythons comm with God

Dr Never Die ©

Dr Never-Die, a traditional healer in his "surgery", claiming to communicate with God through his ancestors, who reside in 2 massive pythons.

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Syncretism ©

Holistic ministry need to address the traditional syncretistic factors still relevant in society.

Many more excellent enlightening pictures in the book.